How to talltalk

Invite six to twelve people you like and trust.
Order pizza, ask everyone to contribute, create a delicious 6 course menu, invite everyone to a restaurant - do whatever you like and your budget permits, but make sure there is something to eat.
Now you're good to go.

(1) Same Start

Make sure everyone arrives at the same time.
Setting a time window of 30 minutes has worked well in the past.
Be strict on this.
It is a sign of respect for everyone to honour this.

(2) No Smalltalk

Smalltalk simply is not allowed.
Allow the participants to discuss what they consider to be smalltalk.
This is a great way to warm up to one another.
A drink helps.

(3) Deep Introduction

How do you want your loved ones to see you at the end of your life?
What are you doing today to make this a reality?
Make space for everyone to introduce him or herself answering these questions.
Make sure to mention this in the invitation!

(4) Spread and Repeat

Every participant pledges to host a talltalk within the next four weeks.
Make sure to also mention this in the inviation!
Also feel free to share using the hashtag #talltalk

Thank You

We live in times of rapid collapse of our living conditions on this planet.
While we have all of the tools at our disposal to solve this,
we have not collectively made up our minds about the future we want to create.
talltalk is an attempt to spark a global conversation that will
create the mindset shift we need.